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We live where there are a lot of oak trees. Live Oaks and Laurel Oaks mostly. Some beautiful old trees with lots of Spanish Moss hanging down. A squirrel’s paradise. I’ve estimated the age of some of the Live Oak trees to be more than 300 years old. As I said a squirrel’s paradise.


We have three species of squirrels that live in our area. The southern flying squirrel. They are a small squirrel was found in the treetops. Usually around 8 to 10 inches long. They can glide around 30 to 50 feet from tree to tree. Pretty cool when you think about it.

The Southern Flying Squirrel

The Fox squirrel is fairly large with a long fox-like tail. This squirrel can grow to over 2 feet long. It varies in coloration but can be reddish-brown with a black head and white ears. Very distinctive and very pretty.

The Fox Squirrel

Then there is the Eastern Gray Squirrel. It’s a medium-size squirrel that is found throughout the Eastern United States. Usually, it is gray in color with some brownish color tones on its head and sides. I say usually because this past spring we had two of our gray squirrels turn up with orange tails. Bright orange tails. Apparently, this happens sometimes with gray squirrels.

The Eastern Grey Squirrel

Let me digress for just a little bit now. The squirrels in our yard and I get along very well. We have reached an arrangement over the years. You see we have a couple of bird feeders in the yard and over the years I have tried various configurations and methods to use the bird feeders to just feed the birds. The squirrels, from the very beginning, have had different thoughts about this. They feel the birdseed is for them.

I’ve tried different types of bird feeders specifically designed to keep squirrels out. To no avail. I have used different methods of hanging the feeders. Again to no avail. I’ve tried different areas of the yard. No difference. I have even tried talking to them with no effect. They look interested but I don’t think they’re listening.

So I’ve come to accept that when it comes to finding a way to get to the birds’ food, the squirrels are smarter than me. As a result, I’ve put out a feeder just for the squirrels. They still get in the bird feeders from time to time but not nearly as often.


Back to the orange-tailed squirrels. They don’t behave any different than the gray-tailed gray squirrels. They also don’t behave any differently towards the gray tailed gray squirrels and the gray tailed gray squirrels don’t behave any differently towards them. They chase one another from time to time. Across the yard or round and round a tree. In general, they seem to be having fun together as only squirrels can.

One of Our Orange Tailed Squirrels

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