My Journey With Nature


Life's Journey

Jon F Gleman, through his book Life’s Journey (Unfinished), is dedicating his journey to generating awareness of just how fortunate we are to be part of life here on our planet, Mother Earth, and the responsibilities we have to protect and preserve our home.

No matter where you live on this planet there is one thing that we all need to agree on. It may be the most important decision mankind ever makes. Time is running out, and we won't get a second chance. Our planet, Mother Earth, is talking to us. At this point, she is imploring us to set things right, to stop defiling and polluting our home - the very planet we live on, along with all our earth-born companions. It has to stop, or life as we know it will change for the worse. It already is.

The author says, “My hope is that you will find these stories of my journey entertaining and enlightening. They will inspire you to do all that you can to connect with our earth-born companions and to restore, preserve, and protect our beautiful home, Mother Earth.

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