My Journey With Nature

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I saw the Loch Ness Monster

Sitting in a tree

I said “hello”, as I walked by

She said hello to me

Down the road aways

The Purple People Eater stood

I decided to leave the path

And headed through the wood

I slipped on an orange banana peel

And fell onto a rocky shore

A crimson tide swept over me

And I was blue no more

The golden yellow sun appeared

And set my heart on fire

It burned so bright but emitted no light

You could hardly tell it was there

I doused it with the deep dark void

Of a lonely afternoon

Then all turned black; save for the twinkling stars

Till the sun replaced the moon

And with the dawn, the rain did come

The water rose to my throat

I decided to leave this place a

And went looking for a boat

I sailed away to a distant land

That was desolate and bare

The only things that I could see

Were atom bombs falling through the air

I could not stay, I ran away

As fast as I could fly

A cloud passed by and asked me why

“Why not”, was my reply

Then the lightning shattered the sky

It fell onto the ground

A million pieces of white and blue

And I was out of glue

And when the sun shone through

Everything turned hot and red

I escaped through a dark and narrow tunnel

I knew not where it led

I ran into a contradiction

He tried to drag me down

He said ”yes or no”, I said I don’t know

And everything began spinning around

The ground did tremble and shake

The walls came down on me

I thought my life was over

When forgiveness set me free

I found myself at the edge of a road

Standing next to a teddy bear

I asked the bear, “where does this road lead?”

He just said ”try it and see”

There’s just one way to find out,

To get rid of your doubt,

And that’s to try it and see,

And see,

And that’s to try it and see”


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