My Journey With Nature

Overall Impression:
Full of charm and capable of injecting a hearty dose of sunshine into your day, Jon Gleman’s “Down In The Islands” is a delightfully cheery Caribbean-infused folk tune that offers plenty in the way of memorable melodies, engaging performances, and personality. It’s no secret that we’re living in rather precarious times and “Down In The Islands” is just the type of track that’s needed to calm one’s self and between its relaxing character and deeply mellow nature, there’s a definite soothing quality to Jon’s writing that simply cannot be denied. Similar to feeling a refreshing breeze of air on your face or akin to the delightfully calming sensation of warm water lapping away at your toes, “Down In The Islands” is able to transport listeners to a particularly pleasant place and I’m sure many will find themselves wanting to come back to it time and time again.

Target Audience Appeal:
“Down In The Islands” is an excellent piece of folk-inspired songwriting and I’m sure lovers of the genre will strongly connect with it.

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