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Naturalist. Ecologist. Writer. Father.


Hello! My name is Jon Gleman, I am a retired biologist, ecologist, and electrical controls design engineer with a strong desire to share my love and devotion of mother earth with you -- no matter who you are or where you are. Now that I am retired I'm dedicating my journey to generating awareness on just how fortunate we are to be part of life here on our planet, and the responsibilities we have to restore and heal this miraculous planet together because it's not too late. In sharing my journey, my goal is to encourage you to to do all that you can to connect with nature and help preserve and protect our home.

My Book

Life's Journey

Jon F Gleman, through his book Life’s Journey (Unfinished), is dedicating his journey to generating awareness of just how fortunate we are to be part of life here on our planet, Mother Earth. With these stories, that encompass his journey from early childhood to the present day,
Jon hopes to generate the same sense of awe, wonder, and love of nature and the world around us that has been with him throughout his life. To increase the reader's understanding of our incredible planet and how we are all in this together, plants, and animals, and the responsibilities we have to protect and preserve our home.

My Music

I don't know about you, but I wake up singing a different song in my head each and every morning. I consider this a blessing because I love music so much. Music has been an instrumental part of my life. It has helped me through the tough times and the happy times. I'm thrilled that I can share my morning songs with you. I hope it makes you happy.

My Legacy is My Journey

The life and career I have led has inspired me to keep giving, keep motivating and keep sharing. My journey has been remarkably fulfilling, so I’ve decided that I want to spend my retirement writing and offering uplifting stories from my past and from my love for nature. Come along as I share stories from my own youth and career that I hope will motivate and inspire you, too.

My career and education as a biologist, ecologist, before I went to work for NASA as an engineer are a part of what prompted me to start writing. I have a deep love for our planet and all living things. My mind is filled with so much useful information, I hope my thoughts are interesting enough to motivate or inspire you to have your own connection with plants and animals. Many of my stories are from my fieldwork in South Florida back in the '70s and '80s. I hope my experience inspires others to learn more about our delicate ecosystems. Our earth is changing so dramatically. I have a strong desire to share my connection with Mother Earth.

Stories for Our Youth

I love to write, especially about nature's most precious gifts, plants, and animals. In my blog, I continue to draft fun stories about different living things I encounter on a daily basis. Retirement has slowed me down, but it will never keep me from telling our young people light-hearted information about nature I think younger folks will love. My music and stories are meant to be motivating, so we humans can remain connected with our Mother Earth. This is a part of my legacy and my journey -- I wish to share with everyone.


my journey blog

My journey blog is a compilation of my writings, my music, and my education. Some of my stories are ones I remember from my past working in the field as an ecologist in South Florida, others are about influential figures who affected my journey. I reflect upon nature for inner peace and to remain connected to the living world. You will also find that I write fun stories about plants and animals, that are informative and amusing all in the same.

A Single Step

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” — Lao – Tzu Benthic Study at Crystal River Florida. I have had several

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