It's About People Working Together to Protect and Preserve Nature

Daily Thoughts March 14, 2024
"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow" – Audrey Hepburn

Life's Journey Volume 1

A book by Jon Gleman

A must buy!!!! Highly recommend buying and reading this book! Gaining more knowledge about our planet Earth from a true expert. Love the poems and stories. Can’t wait to read the next journey…. and yes, pay attention to what is happening around us. Jess. Amazon Review.
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My Music

I don't know about you, but I wake up singing a different song in my head each and every morning. I consider this a blessing because I love music so much. Music has been an instrumental part of my life. It has helped me through the tough times and the happy times. I'm thrilled that I can share my morning songs with you. I hope it makes you happy.

My Journey: Some Stops Along the Way

One of my childhood heroes is Rachel Carson. I remember once when I was around ten years old, my mother and I were in the book section of a department store, and as she looked at books, I found a copy of Rachel Carson’s “The Sea Around Us.” I sat down and started to read it. She had me on the first page. What a wondrous world it opened up for me!

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Down in the Islands

Miranda’s Lullaby female version

Miranda’s Lullaby male version

Addicts Anthem

My Journey With Nature Blog

My journey with nature blog's goal is to encourage us to work together to go green. To deliberately spend time in nature, to restore and preserve our environment. My blogs are based on things I remember from my past working in the field as an ecologist in South Florida, about influential figures who affected my journey and about events happening today. I reflect upon nature for inner peace, to remain connected to the living world and to offer some things that can be done to help restore and maintain nature's balance. You will also find that I write fun stories about plants and animals, that are informative and amusing all in the same.